Engine 236

2013 Pierce Arrow XT engine.  500hp Cummins diesel motor.  990 gallons of water, 30 gallon Class A foam tank, and 1750 gpm pump.  Seating for 6, all with SCBA's.  2 - 1.75" crosslay attack lines 200', 1 - 1.75" bumper mounted trash line 150', 2 - 1.75" attack lines off the rear 200' / 300', a 200' 2.5" preconnect of the rear, 300' 3" preconnect of the rear to the Ram Gun.  The engine carries 1100' of 5" hose, 500' of 3" hose for supply purposes.  It has a 6kw generator on board to run the cord reel and light tower on board.  The engine is equipped with most of the usual firefighting tools and appliances.  Also has a light compliment of vehicle rescue equipment (combi-tool, 2 struts, sawz-all, small amount of cribbing, & hi-dry).  It's main purpose is fire attack, transfer piece, and covers when the other engines are out of service.